I am having problems integrating my Blog Post or Digital News booking. What are the possible causes?

Would you like to publish a Blog Post or Digital News article but get an error message from the system?

First check the procedure using this check list:

  1. Did you clear your cache and try to integrate the product again after five minutes?
  2. Is the article in your blog or Digital News page exactly linked from the URL indicated in the offer (usually the homepage or a category-URL)?
  3. Have you precisely noted all information such as the "www" or slashes (e.g. http: // instead of
  4. Have you linked the exact target URL in the article as found in the booking (e.g. instead of A single slash can make all the difference!
  5. Are all link texts (letter for letter) included in the article as specified in the booking?
  6. Was a nofollow link incorrectly implemented?

Here is a list of common error messages. Please find the error message you have received and check it using the check list:

Link to the homepage:

*Article not linked to the homepage*

On the offer URL (homepage of the blog), there is no link directing to the article URL,

Target URL:

*Booking incorrectly or not integrated*

Inspection revealed that there was no correct integration.

Please check the integration immediately. Please also check the target URL and the link text for typos (also case-sensitive). A common source of errors is also the presence or absence of a slash at the end of a URL.


The specified URL is not correct. Please check your entry.


The article URL, is not located on the offer domain,

Link text:

*Broken link text *

Inspection has revealed that broken link text has been used in the booking. Please check this immediately. Please take all details into account.


For the target URL,, no link text was found.

For this link, this is freely selectable. The back link must be integrated as a link with anchor text.


*Missing nofollow attribute*

Offer URL:

The target URL is missing a nofollow attribute. The Advertiser has expressly requested the use of this Rel tag. Please complete the following link with a Rel tag (rel = "nofollow").

Target URL:

*Nofollow attribute*

Offer URL:

The target URL is linked with a nofollow attribute. This option was not requested by the Advertiser. Please remove the Rel tag (rel = "nofollow") from the source code of this back link.

Target URL:

*Nofollow tag*

Offer URL:

The offer URL contains a search-engine-relevant nofollow tag. This is not permitted by our policies. Please check the Meta tags of your offer URL for this error and remove the nofollow tag.

Target URL:

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