How can I terminate a running booking?

The procedure differs for the different products in our marketplace and depends on the durations. Some products have a guaranteed minimum duration and can be removed easily after the expiry of the offer website. Products with automatic renewal can be terminated. The following table provides an overview.

Important: remove the booking from your website only at the end of the service period. You will receive an email. Do not remove the booking prematurely. Otherwise, you may lose the remaining payment claims.

If you would like to end a booking before the end of the current service period, please contact our support.

An overview of durations:


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Guaranteed minimum duration of 12 months – no cancellation necessary

After 12 months, all of the service- and payment claims will be paid out. Therefore you shouldn’t terminate a running booking.

We also ask that you not remove articles even after 12 months. These are part of the archive and the lower number of articles could make the blog less interesting. The articles are generally well linked to each other.


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Guaranteed publication and multi-day visibility – no cancellation necessary

Published posts may not be removed.