Can the price of my offers change with time?

Not directly. Only social offers without a fixed price (fewer followers; price per follower) have a variable price.

We strive to ensure fair prices on our market place. We do not wish to dictate a concrete price but rather offer a broad price range from which you can select the price for your offer yourself. Because the quality of an offer can change over time, the price range can also shift. If your current offer price is well outside the price range, an adjustment is recommended.

You can also adjust your offer prices at any time in order to achieve your marketing objectives.

This adjustment does not affect current article bookings but rather only the price for new bookings.

For Text Links/Post Links, we offer Advertisers and Publishers a price guarantee. After the new booking or the last price adjustment, the price will remain constant for at least 6 months. Only then will it be adjusted to the current market price. We will inform you about new prices for your current bookings in a timely manner.

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