I have received a booking request. What do I need to do?

In your customer account, you will find all of the booking details. You can access the booking details via the Publisher dashboard of the offer overview. We will also send emails in which the process is described. If you have not received this email in your email account, you can also access it via your SeedingUp customer account.

You should first consider whether you wish to accept the booking request.

Important: as long as you have not accepted or implemented a booking request, the Advertiser can cancel it. For article bookings, you should confirm the booking request so that it cannot be cancelled by the Advertiser during the processing time.

If you accept the request, please implement all booking requirements without deviation. For article bookings, the content briefing must also be strictly observed in addition to the predefined link targets. The content briefing can also be downloaded from your customer account. Please carefully read all information provided.

Important: once you have completely published the booking/article, you still need to activate the booking in your SeedingUp customer account. Only then does the duration of the booking starts.

Please reject unwanted booking requests in your customer account instead of simply ignoring them. Only in this way can we inform the Advertiser that the booking will not take place so that he/she can react accordingly.


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