What are the requirements for marketing my website/blog with SeedingUp?

To market your website or blog with SeedingUp, certain technical and quality requirements must be met.

Technical requirements

  • The website needs to be indexed by the major search engines.
  • Both popular search engines and our own crawler (User agent: "seedingup/status_crawler") must always be able to access and analyse the website. Your offer must therefore
    • not have 301, 302, 303, or 307 forwarding
    • not contain framesets
    • not display a 400, 403, 404, or 500 HTTP status
    • New blog articles must be accessible from the site that you have specified in your offer as an offer URL (in most cases, this is the homepage of the blog).
    • For some products additional requirements (e.g. a constantly updated feed) may apply.

Qualitative requirements:

  • The website/blog must contain adequate, timely and engaging content.
  • The website/blog must not contain pirated content.
  • Websites/blogs with disreputable/illegal content are excluded from marketing.
  • The website/blog must not use any spam techniques for search engine optimisation.

These criteria are also helpful for marketing:

  • For blogs: regular articles and many comments
  • Good social media interaction and many followers

Particular requirements for profiles in social networks:

  • For Facebook and Google+, only public pages (e.g. for companies, organisations, brands, products and public individuals) are admissible for marketing. Private profiles cannot be marketed.
  • There must be an adequate minimum amount of posts and followers.