How long is the duration of a booking? Can I extend durations?

Our content marketing products (Blog Posts, Advertorial, Video Post, Infographics, Press Releases and Digital News) have a guaranteed minimum duration of 12 months. We ask Publishers to not to remove the articles, even after 12 months. In most cases, reputable bloggers have no interest in removing published articles because these have already been archived. The reduced number of articles would make the blog less interesting. The articles are also generally well connected. The Advertiser shall pay for the entire duration in advance. On our marketplace, all customers are always given the total amounts for the full booking period.

An overview of the durations of individual products:


    Blogpost Advertorial Video Post Pressemitteilung Infografik  Digital News    

Guaranteed minimum duration of 12 months – no cancellation necessary

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Guaranteed publication and multi-day visibility – no cancelation necessary