Can I modify my booking?

This depends on the product.

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If you do not like the content of the published article text, you can request a revision. You can read more about this here.

You can subsequently submit requests for changes (e.g. destination URLs or link text) to the Publisher. However, the Publisher is not obliged to implement them. In your customer account, go to Advertiser>Bookings. Select the corresponding booking from the list and click on ‘details’. You will receive a summary of all important information concerning your booking. With ‘change booking’, you can inform the Publisher of your request.

Important: Use only the procedure described. Only in this way will the changes be recorded in our database. Changes on the Publisher’s page can otherwise lead to a crawler error.

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Videos are checked and approved by the advertiser before publication. A published video, by nature, cannot be. Notes on desired changes in the description etc. are usually implemented when a message is sent to the publisher.

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If you wish to change a post, you can contact the publisher via the messaging function.

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Target URLs and/or link texts can be changed here in the booking details.