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17. March 2016.

or how to effectively reach potential customers in the direct surroundings

With today’s news, we want to show you how to use Local SEO properly in the field of Content- and Blog Marketing to achieve your goals.

Find out how Mr. Mayer is able to use Local SEO in a promising way for his medium-size company.
Since several years Mr. Mayer runs a medium-size local automotive enterprise with 10 employees. Now he starts to use the Internet in order to win new customers. He decides to stop all promotional activities for the next few month, and buys are very costly article on the online portal of his favorite country wide car magazine.

This decision is based on the idea, that such a large online portal with such a high reach will bring new customers almost definitely.
Then, after a few month, no new customer could be recorded and Mr. Mayer had to admit that the desired outcome did not happen. Well, it is true in theory that a large and well-known portal has a big reach. In the case of Mr. Mayer however, this was the wrong approach, because the scattering loss was much too large and the selected magazine did not specifically address his key audience. The right solution for Mr. Mayer’s projects are the local online city magazines and locally based theme sites, where the readers from his local community spend time on.

Advantages of Local Content- and Blog Marketing Strategies:

  • Reaching exactly the right key audience
  • Smaller budgets needed
  • Increased effectiveness
  • Less scatterings losses

SeedingUp has a reach of over 16,000 bloggers and many (local) magazines.

About Local SEO

Local SEO is aiming at higher rankings for local websites in search queries for location-related keywords. Local SEO is becoming increasingly important for searching local shops, companies and services in geographical proximity. The local search starts with a first online query with the purpose to find a precise answer. According to a Google study, four of five smartphone users use their mobile devices to search for information. Half of them and 34% of tablet users are actually entering the shops afterwards. You can see: Local search continues to play a huge role for businesses with local relevance.

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